Greetings! Just got my first Yam, an '02 WR426F!

I've been reading this board for awhile, and after alot of thought I decided to jump back into the sport I left about..ohh 15 years ago. So, what to buy? I looked and looked, but could not really decide. So a few months ago I picked up an '01 CR250r. That was...not the right bike for me. Way to 2 strokey in it's power delivery if you know what I mean. I knew I needed a 4stroke to suit my needs. Sooo I looked again. I was really struggling with whether to buy a new WR450 or a new WR250. I am 6'3 250lb, but am *not* a very aggresive rider. A few days ago I stumbled across an add for a '02 WR426f for sale locally that was said to be in "like new" had 37 miles and it, and a list of aftermarket stuff the seller put on the bike before it ever left the showroom floor. He added an FMF powerbomb pipe, FMF Powercore 4 silencer, and renthal bars for tall me :D It was listed at $4500 so I figured I would at least go look at it, ride it and get a feel for how a 450 would ride. Well....I never made it to the wr450. One trip up and down the street and a few laps in some local dirt and I was SOLD! How sweet is this bike? Light <for a 426 4stroke>, Fast! Oh yea..., but handleing?...all I can say is *freaking wow*!

The bike hardly had a scratch...and looked like it had been ridden all of 30 miles. I ended up paying $4300 for the bike with all the extra stuff he put on it, I think I got a good deal.

The only concern I did have, and one of the main reasons I was looking at the new ones, was the electric start. This fear was put to bed quickly though. Before I went to his house I went to Yamaha's website and watched their "How to start your 4 stroke yzf/wrf" video. I memorized it, and gave it a whirl when I got on the bike. It starts first kick, everytime. Problems starting these bikes? /shrug. All I can say, is when I left dirt bikes, Yamaha's were not very well thought of. A lot of things have changed in the last 15 years, I am happy to say. Even though I might not of got the latest and greatest open class WR model, I truely am loving this beautiful bike. And I saved 2k, which never hurts, LOL.

I look forward to joining in your WR community and in the threads here.

Btw, I am 34...2 kids, 8 year old with xr70, and 18 month old.

Kingwood, Texas


Welcome to TT... You are going to love that bike... :D glad you came over to the blue side... :)

Your story echoes a lot of guys here... a substantial lay-off from riding, to have family etc... returning to the sport - and often with our sons and daughters as the excuse/justification.

The bike sounds like a great deal, and really, the electric start is something you will be able to live without... Heck, for $1,000 you can add an aftermarket one and still be ahead a grand...

Their are a number of mods you may want to check that may have been done, perhaps not if the bike is so low in miles... They are

Grey wire, throttle stop and airbox lid... you already have an aftermarket pipe...

You may want to consider the YZ timing mod, or else the 450 cam mod... and being a tall guy, like myself, you may get better ergonomics from the footpeg mod... it lowers the pegs and sets them back about 1/2 - 3/4 inch...

If you want details on any of these mods, then you can use the search feature (make sure you go back about a year though, a lot of those mods were discussed when the 02 was current technology... not that it is not current technology now, in fact it is well proven and reliable technology with a mature and expansive knowledge base and aftermarket parts selection.

Glad to have you aboard, and check out the mini forums for the xr's as well... kids bikes deserve upgrading as well... :D



Welcome to TT.

Congrats on the good buy! My 426 starts great too. No worries here.


Welcome aboard. :)

Thanks for the welcome. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that kinda used getting his son a bike to justify me getting another with the misses, LOL. Are we really that obvious??? I will do a search and check out the mods you suggested, and especially check into the lower offset footpegs. I was a little nervous that the 426 would be to much for me just getting back into bikes, but the smooth "tractor" like delivery is very manageable so far. I am going to join a local trail riding club with my son, and get plugged into the local offroad community here in Houston. The Houston trail riders association. I'm just glad when I bought all my new gear (as I got the cr250) I went neutral grey, :)

Yes, I think we are that obvious... there are enough of us in the same situation to almost be a marketing demographic by ourselves... LOL

The footpeg mod is so simple... Basically:

1. Remove footpegs

2. Cut off the barrel part that is on the bottom side of the peg (the part the pin goes through) with a hacksaw or Dremel

3. Reinstall the footpegs, placing the barrel part on top (thereby pushing the pegs down and back. Most important: change the springs from left to right side and vice-versa when you put the pegs back on. Remember to add a bit of grease to the pin before assembly, and use a new split-pin to hold it all together.

You're done!! Some people have gone the extra mile and welded the barrel part back to the top of the peg, but I have not heard of any failures from not welding the peg/barrel back together.

I was concerned the 426 would be a bit much for me after my 18 year lay-off as well, I looked at the WR250F - it was a nice bike, but I wanted a big bore, so I could lug it around if I wanted... Now I have the YZ450 cam in, I love the power... I reckon my arms are two inches longer than this time last year... LOL



Welcome aboard! Your story sounds familiar. I'm 34 as well and just got back into riding. I have a three year old son and an 18 month old daughter.

I think you picked a great bike! I had the same bike and ended up selling it and buying the 450. The nice thing is that you can ride it easy or hit it hard. I don't remember having the same option on two strokes.

Good luck to you and have fun riding in the "lone star state". :)

I had nearly a 30 year lay off. Bought bikes when my son was 12. I got a 97 CR250 and really enjoyed the bike. Switched to a used WR400 and fell in love. I have upgraded to an 02 WR426. The WR is a bullet proof ride. Starts first or second kick, hot or cold. Great fuel range, probably 90 miles on a tank, never fouls a plug. Have fun, you made a great choice.

Hey cideous make sure and get on the list for skull creek.

I just got a new wr450 and went out there w/ my son and some friends. It's a great place. It only took me a couple of months to get on.

See ya there.

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