Radiator Repair?

My right radiator has started weeping after it cools. It's bone dry when hot, starts to leak after about an hour after shut down, maybe a quarter cup then stops. It looks like its coming from the joint of the core to the bottom piece just above the head pipe.

I'm going to send it off next week to be fixed. The question is where? I've found two shops one called "Myler's" and the other is Fontana Radiator.

Any experience good or bad with either of these shops? Any words of wisdom on radiator repairs on these bikes in general?


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Hey Chris-

Don't know a thing about the repair shops in question but I think any radiator shop that can repair alum. radiators should work. I've had 2 dirt bike radiators repaired by two different shops with no problems (they charged $25 to fix a small leak and clean out the radiator).


'00 YZ426


I have wondered about motorcycle radiators for some time. What makes them any different than a car radiator, other than size. Why couldn't any local car radiator specialty shop repair a motorcycle radiator. They can presssurize it, find the leak, and repair it. Call a few and ask them, they can probably fix it in a day with no shipping.

Chris, I used Fontana Radiator a few years ago to fix my twisted and leaking radiators, they did a great job and it was only about 50 bucks.


I have used Myler's twice in the last three years and they did a great job and their pricing was very reasonable.



Pretty fly for a fat guy!

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