ready for a change

i have recently decided to cut my ties with my beloved 2 strokes i just dont know what to get i am coming from a 95 yz 250 and dont want to get something too poochy I trail ride no longer do the mx thing since age has been unkind to me i am 250 + and need something that has plenty of hill climbing power and suspension. I have thought about drz, crf, and WR 426 and wr 450. but i just seem to get more confused about them as i go..... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....

DRZ 400 E best bike ever built....

I would just wait until the 04 WR's come out and buy one of those. I wish I would have done that. You might like the CRF 450's power characteristics if you were into two strokes before. My friend has one, and I love everything about it except the fact it's a Honda, and that the motor seems really noisy compared to the Yamahas. The valves sound like they're clanking and clattering, or the piston was made out of a coffee can?!? It's awesome how light weight it is though compared to everything else. I would get a WR426 or the CRF. I'm not saying any other bike is bad but these two are very aggressive. :)

I would second the notion that a big bore 4 stroke would be the most fun for you. I go about 240 in full gear and my wr450 doesn't even slow down when dragging my arse up hills. I would offer that if you are ready to buy now an 03 wr450 is still a great bike, even with the troubles some riders have experienced. If you dont want to buy new, I would suggest a WR426 and then put in the auto-decompession cam from the wr450's for easier starting. But I'm a bit biased toward the blue bikes. :)




You sound like you're having major buyers' remorse. What problems are you having with your WR450??

If new wr 450 all the way, used, 426 Period. The drz's are nice but not up to the standards of the Blue bikes and they are heavier. The crf's are not the ultimate woods machines stock, while the wr is. :D:)

I went through a similar dilema a few months ago and opted for a barely used wr426 I found near Denver. I didn't want an electric start as I have enough batteries to deal with in four wheelers, tractors, pickups etc. . .

With the benefit on hindsight, I'm still happly with my decision. The wr450s seem to have had their share of problems and I don't see any big advantage for me over the 426. My 426 starts great, hot or cold. It runs strong and the suspension is great.

I also considered the DRZ or its twin the KLX. There have been at least two threads in the past few months on comparisons with them and the Yamahas. Rather than be redundant here, I suggest you run a search for them.

A guy named Mark from Arizona had a 2002 wr426 for sale on this forum a few weeks ago. I don't know him but he claims the bike is nice and clean.

If you aren't set on a brand new bike, my advice is buy a used 426.

Good luck and happy trails. :)

The KTM 450 EXC won the 450 fourstroke shootout in Dirt Bike magazine this month. "We've seen the future, and it's orange" is what they say.

They've seen the cheque for advertising is what I say. :) In Canada that bike's about 2500 hundred more than a WR. Try to find an 02 426

In Boise, the KTM is $1,100 more than the WR450.

You can still find some great deals on new or barely used o2 wr's out there. That would be the wiseest choice to me.

Price has plumeted now that they are not the latest and greatest any more, but, if you can use all the power that the 426 can produce you are more of a man than me! I still love my 426.


I just got confirmation of my new 03 WR450F showing up tomarrow. I had the same questions but mine was even more difficult. I was out of riding for 11 years and i am getting back in it now. Bikes changed so dramatically since i raced and out of all the Yami was a perfict fit. 6'2" 206#. Hope this bike will put me back in shape. :D:)

Dave, I do have a bit of buyers remorse with the 450, just because every time I think about going riding the first thing that pops into my head is if it's going to break down or not. With the old 400 I never had any worries. It was by far the best bike I've ever owned.

The 450 is looking promising. I've only had it out for one official trail ride but I can tell I'm gonna like it. It feels a lot lighter which is what I was mostly concerned about. I'm into jumping out in the dunes, and the 400 did alright, it was a little heavy though.

Not sure about the power cause I'm going to baby the engine for the first couple hundred miles. It hasn't had any rotor problems yet but it's only got about 80 miles on it, I'm guessing, no Odo.

Yeah I agree, the WR450 is a solid and reliable bike once you have broken it in and put a few hundred miles on it and done the popular mods and jetting. The bike is great! :)

I just picked up my WR 450 F not too long ago. I gave $5800 for it. Its my first bike and i haven't had any problems with it. I have over 250 miles on it now. If you want something used I would go with a WR 426 F. Wouldn't be a whole lot of difference.


2003 WR 450 F-baffle removed

I just finished modifying my WR426 after having it a couple weeks and it has a load of power. I used to ride an XR400 and it is no match. My 2001 CR250 I rode was quick but the 426 is faster overall and has better power. You'll need to do some modifications if you get a WR but they are all pretty simple.

I am the guy named Mark mentioned by Wayne a few posts back and I still have the 2002 WR 426 for sale. Yes, it is beyond clean - about perfect, in fact, with 330 total miles(hard to admit but it is too much bike for my size and riding level at this time). Arizona street legal, (hydraulic brake switch). All original with the Zip Ty mag drain plug, rad supports, Works Connection frame guards and skid plate. $4400/offer. Give me a call in Phoenix, AZ at 602-770-9934. Thanks

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