tightening spokes

Hey guys, I just recently got my 426 and just finished breaking it in.I was going thruogh the owners manual doing all the scheduled (after break in) maintenance.and am not too sure how to go about tightening the spokes.Cuold someone please help me out here? thanks alot MADDOG

I always just tap mine with the spoke wrench that they gave us. Tell by the sound. Just want them all the same, not a few really loose. :) I figure as long as they are reality close it'll do... it's no indy car.

Just my opinion


Ontario, Canada

Always check the spokes next to the rimlocks on both wheels before/after EVERY ride. They are known to come loose. It happened on my 400. The mags warn about this as well. They got loose quickly on my 427 as well.


How did you get a 427? Did you bore out your 426 by 1 cc? Just kidding.

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