Homegrown yz426 starting tips...

Ok, I'm just a beginner, so take this with a grain of

salt. I haven't ridded off-road in almost 15 years,

then I went and bought a yz426f. My last bike was a

Honda XR185 I bought for $300. I thought a four-stroke

would be easier to live with... :-)

Well, my first weekend out was great at first. I went

with a friend to Clear Creek, California (the one kind

of near King City). I had a LOT of learning to do. As

the first day wore on I found myself getting tired and

dehydrated. But I'm not pedalling or anything - how

could it be so much work? :-)

Anyway, I started making mistakes when I got tired, and

that meant I stalled the bike a few times. Lots of times

actually. That led to the snowball effect. Tired =

mistakes = kickstart = tired. I guess I didn't know

enough about the starting details and I was probably

doing it wrong. Sometimes it started, mostly it didn't.

So for the second time out - I learned everything I could,

and developed some things that worked for me. We went to

Carnegie svra near Livermore, California.

1) know "the drill". It's somewhere else on this site.

Cold start, Warm start, Hot start, flooded. Know what

to do for the situation.

2) If you don't have to kick start it, don't. I found

plenty of times I could just aim downhill, put it in

a gear higher than 3rd and bump start it. It doesn't

work in 1st (one of my first-day mistakes). You need

a higher gear for the right "leverage" on the engine.

I would coast, pull in the compression release and

clutch, then when I was moving, let out the clutch

and later the compression release. Sometimes it wouldn't

start and I would have to coast and try again, but I

didn't even have to kick it.

3) It's easy to kick if you're moving a litte. I have

lots of trouble kicking with one foot on the ground - I

can't get a good kick. If I jump up and kick when it's

stationary, my sucks. I found that if you can let the

bike coast just a *little*, then you can get up on the

pegs with good balance and give it a proper kick. I had

the bike in neutral. If you can coast a lot, see #2.

4) Posts and trees. The picnic areas always seem to have

fenceposts, trees or support posts. I found pulling up

next to one of these gave the bike a good place to lean,

and when I had to start it up again, I could get up on

the pegs, lean into the tree/post and give the bike a

proper kick.

5) The bike seems to start easier when it's broken in.

I think the new motor was harder to get started. This

could be me getting used to "the drill", but my gut says

it really is easier.

So my second time out was loads of fun. I didn't spend

near as much time dealing with the bike and lots more

time grinning!

Any comments? Remember, I'm no expert. I'm just a guy

with "a system that works for him".


Mike, I am a short, novice rider as well, but can assure you that this bike is VERY easy to start once you have mastered the procedure. I was ready to ditch mine the first day out - absolutely wore myself out from trying to start it. I won't repeat the procedure here (look at the Tech Section) but if I can offer one bit of advice, it would be to give it every ounce of energy on the first kick...it will start. Don't do it half-assed or you will be there for a while and get very frustrated.

Was it you or the bike that was getting "broken in"?

I've found that the MXA carb settings will prevent lots of stalling. also, grab your clutch at the first sign of the stall.

Okay, I'm curious, what are the MXA carb settings? Did a search on this message group and didn't find the settings listed anywhere.

If you could list them or where to find them, I would appreciate it.

Originally posted by Reg:

Okay, I'm curious, what are the MXA carb settings? Did a search on this message group and didn't find the settings listed anywhere.

If you could list them or where to find them, I would appreciate it.

reg,here are the mxa recommended carb settings drop the needle clip one position aka;raise the needle and run the air;fuel mixture(located on the bottom of the carb)two full turns out. thats all there is to it.

My advice is to stop for a brief second.. think about the procedure.. then kick. Can't just boot it. Mine starts great. Love every second. Turn the idle up a bit, helps with the stalls.

Another thing that helps is to not roll that throttle while your kicking it. You don't need to. Sometimes I'll grab hold of the handle bar just inside the throttle just so I don't accidentally gas it while trying to start!

Go to: www.motocrossactionmag.com

Check out riding tips.

I bought my WR last summer. Over the winter, I forgot the starting drill and defaulted to using the start procedure of my brothers old '76 Yamaha XT500 single. First ride this spring I couldn't start my bike to save your life. I read MXA's start procedure and have used it ever since. My bike starts first or second kick regardless of how long it's been sitting.



99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.

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