magnetic drain plug for 450

My buddy tried a magnetic drain bolt for a 02 426 said it did'nt fit his 03 450, I can't imagine why Yamaha would change the drain bolt, anyone know if this is the case?

He is correct, The drain plug is smaller in diameter. The earlier one will not fit. I got one from Zip Ty. Thats the one with the super strong magnet.


Hey Jim,

Would you have the part# for the Zip-Ty drain plug? I went on there web site to order the fuel screw and was going to order drain plug but did not see one for an 03 450 (WR or YZ). Thanx


hey smoke,

You can also order it from I think that website is related to Ty Davis's website somehow. Not sure.

Anyways, the Zip Ty plug on their site for the 450 is #44-DP107-2

The fuel screw is right there too. #44-FMS01 :):D

is it better to put the magnetic drain plug in the frame or the plug in the case. I think having it in the case would do more would it not.

Thanks MO, you a life saver :)

I don't know the part number but I see that MOMILKMAN did. I got mine from Steahly Off Road when he had it to design a flywheel weight.( which I don't need) Every one says that the zipty magnet is far stronger than any others on the market.


I got two from an auto parts store a whole lot cheaper than the bike guys. :)

Lon13, you're saying you got magnetic drain plugs from an auto parts store, if so how about more info like what store and what is the intended application for them? and how much?

I think it was Advance Auto Parts. I don't pay much attn to the name, I usually just call it "the place up the street". I've gotten them there for every bike I've had in the last few years. You have to check the length (depth) of the plug though, the one for my R1 was a little longer than stock(about 1/8"), but it cleared everything OK. I'm going there tomorrow to see if I can find one for a fourtrax I'm working on and to try to find one for the drain in the case. I'll be on tomorrow, I'll let you know Exactly how much I paid, Part #s, sizes,etc. Oops, I guess I might not be going there tomorrow, it's easter. If they are open tomorrow, I'll let you know. :)

YR, I'm still looking for the P.N.s for the drain plug. I checked the ones I have, and they are M12's.(old size). Our bike is an M10x1.25. If I can't find them, I'm going to have a few made. A friend of mine is a machinist and he told me that he made a few for some of the gear boxes in his shop. He thinks he still has magnets for them. It's just a matter of drilling the bolt and high temp epoxying the magnet. The bolt in the frame is an M6. These will be next to impossible to find, so I will have some of these made. My friend told me that there are some shops that make them in just about any size and he will check his resourses for more info. Maybe we'll get lucky and they will already have some made. I'm also looking into drill and tapping mine to an M12 (last resort).

I checked the drain hole in my cases, there is plenty of beef around the hole to go up a size. With mag bolts going for 20.00+, I think I'll be going up a size. I already have the drill, tap, and bolt.

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