GPR steering stabilizers

I'm looking at GPR stabilizers and I would like to know how they mount on a XR650R?

since you have a 650r you need a tripple clamp, bar mounts with the holes to mount the GPR, you also need the forward post and finally oversize bars. this is the correct way, you can go cheep and use the sock bars but that set up does not work or look good.

GPR has a new Stabilizer that I saw a picture of that actually is the bottom bar clamp. Does anyone have a pic of this? It looks really cool and out of the way. :)

It looked like it rests on the triple clamp and has the bottom bar clamps attached to the sides, the bar goes across the top of it and then a top bar mount is added.

Front post mount of course.

go check out I have a couple pictures of the new unit and I am working on getting pictures of the new unit in the pro kit.

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