Gas Mileage


Heading down to Baja Mexico this weekend and need to plan out gas stops. Does anyone have any idea of either the range (with a stock tank) or the gas mileage for the 2005 Z400. I have done a few mods including an exhaust system, but nothing that will effect the gas mileage too much.

Any input will help.

well the z400 needs to be turned on to Reserve at or almost at half tank so when you have to turn it on reserve, Dont worry about it because you have the same amount of time to ride it as you did when it wasnt on reserve.

The full tank lasts me about a good 5 hours. Different riders use different amounts though.. Some run at high RPM's and some short shift alot.

Id say plan to fill up at about 4 hours and 30 mins of riding just to be safe..

Bad advice^^^ There's only 1 1/2" difference in the two fuel inlets. The "on" fuel inlet is 1 1/2" higher than the "reserve" inlet. Trying to go the same distance on "reserve" that you just went with the petcock in the "on" position will leave you walking... In Baja, Mexico... Not good. You only have about 1 1/2" of gas left when you turn it to reserve.

With a 2.1 gallon stock tank on my DRZ, I can go about 90-100 miles before hitting the reserve setting on the petcock. Internally, the motor is stock; externally, it's got breathing mods and a full Yoshi RS-3 exhaust, jetted for the mods. It also weighs around 295lbs dry, and the stock Z weighs 370lbs dry - the DRZ will get better mileage. Hope that helps.

I've never tried to measure the gas mileage on the Z.

When I hit half a tank on mine, it starts choking and wanting gas.

So filling up after riding at 4 and half hours is bad advice? Don't think so....

But anyways you better listen to normalZ.... He knows EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING! :bonk: ...

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