Looking for sporty 4x4 for wife.


Guys, I am hoping that you can steer me in thr right direction. I am selling my wife's '03` TTR125LE in order to buy her an ATV. My question is: can you guys recommend the perfect ATV for us? I will still be riding my XR420, and will ride a combo of sand, and steep rocky hill climbs.I am quite sure she'd rather have a 4x4 as I'd like her to be able to ride the steep rocky stuff with me with little experience. I know I'd also like her to have an electric start, and preferably a good deal of 4stroke hp/tq. Is there a dual purpose ATV by any manufacturer that can fit the bill? 4X4, Electric start, Good suspension with good travel as well as somewhat low weight as I know she will be jumping it. thanks!!

There's almost no such thing as a Sporty 4x4. The new Wolverine might be just what you're looking for, but at 516 pounds it's pretty heavy to be sporty.

Maybe the 439 pound Polaris Outlaw might be a good choice? It's not 4wd, but it has front and rear A-arm suspension giving it 11.5" of ground clearance. This machine just might turn out to be more resistant to getting stuck than typical 4wd ATVs.

polaris 500 scrambler there alot fun for what they are and way faster than the wolverine.

bombardiers new outlanders are the most powerfull 4x4 atvs out there. they have 2 models... an 800 and a 400 both efi'd. they also have a pretty good warranty

Always go Honda.the Recon ES is a great quad that has it all.

if you what sporty get a yz450 or a banshee or something like that. If you want it to go thru mud get a Yamaha Grizzly 660.

i have read many test's on sporty 4*4's and they all SUCK.

The grizzly 660 has 2*4 and 4*4 with a locking front diff. it has full independent suspension (IRS).

I have seen multiple times where the Polaris belt drive system has been a POS

Always go Honda.the Recon ES is a great quad that has it all.

Boy, I would never had said that. I rode a Rubicon just recently and it's a turd. While Honda still makes a decent ATV, they're really not so special. They definitely need to need to step things up a bit. Anyone who limits themselves to Honda products is doing just that... limiting themselves.

I have a wolverine and it is not sporty, it might look a little better than the others but dont let that fool you. My wife had a 250ex honda and it was fun for all sorts of stuff and it was a no brainer because of the auto clutch. We jumped it, romped it and mud bogged it. she finnally out grew it because it didn't have enough power for the dunes.

The 660(now maybe 700?) Grizzly is fairly sporty, I have also seen people ride the crap out of Prairie 650-700s. The fastest 4x4's I have seen have been some of the 2 stroke Polaris models. My buddy has an 800 Polaris and it is anything but sporty. It would have a hard time fitting in a highway lane let alone a trail. It even starts like a car.

Thanks guys for all your help and suggestions. Yesterday I purchased an 02 warrior 350 for her and we are taking it out to ride it today. The 4x4 option turned out to be just too much of a hinderance and added too much weight with poor suspension. Now I just need to add an autoclutch and it should be pretty sweet for her use. Any recommendations on where to pick one of them up for this? Thanks Again!!!

warrior is a good choise,i hope she likes it. :bonk:

Those machines are indestructable.

i dont know if they make one for the warrior but look into a rekluse clutch.

i dont know if they make one for the warrior but look into a rekluse clutch.

rekluse! that the name i was thinking of. i also dont know if they make one for the warrior tho.

the closest thing to a sport 4x4 is the polaris scrambler, i have rode a wolverine and they are not sporty, they tip easy, u can tell they weigh alot when u ride it, doesn't handle sporty, and the 4x4 system isn't the greatest, and i think that they are ugly as **** for a 450 even though they are only like 420some they are very slow only go 50 but you can adjust the screw i'm sure but it sucks, but if you didn't have anything it would still be fun to ride

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