Raptor 350 or YFZ 450?


I am totally new to quads and just noticed in the mags that Ive been reading it seems like they only race 450's and that there are more aftermarket parts made for the YFZ450 than the Raptor 350. Do they only race the 450's? I also noticed that there is no Raptor 350 or Raptor 700 Headings in here. Are they not 4-strokes also? Anyways gimme the pros and cons about the two quads. Im leaning on getting the Raptor 350 right now, only since its not too big and can fit in my truck ( i have a toyota tacoma). But if you guys who know more about these quads than I do can give me any reason besides that the 450 has more horses and stuff, Id really like to know. I dont even know much about the racing part of these machines, what classes there are, what types of races they do, cross-country, track, trails, stuff like that. Anyways every little bit helps, Thanks everyone!! :bonk:

if you want to get the all around greatest quad on the market right now i would go with the 450 but i have heard that the raptor 700 is supposed to be faster in drag racing. i usually ride in the sand but a buddy of mine has a track at his house so i'm planning on getting the 450 (the 700 is to big and heavy to race on a track plus there is no class for it that i know of)


OK, this isn't as easy as you may think. Buy the quad that best fits your type of riding, your budget, then your skills. Buying a utility 4x4 for 8000 USD for MX is all wrong, especially if you've NEVER been on a track or raced anything else for that matter. In my opinion, I think most of the guys here, myself included, have raced on an MX track on two wheels before and knew what to expect when we went to four. Think a big double is scary on two wheels? I had to remind myself that I'd been jumping that same one for 3 years when I tried it the first time on my YFZ. First, I would look at what type of riding you will be doing mostly. You did mention two sport quads, so I think you want to go fast, hang it out every now and then and you want to jump stuff. Out of all the sports out there, if you want full on race, there's no better than the YFZ450. I race one on MX and on trails, but mostly trails. It does it all. Lots of power, electric start!!, and great stock suspension. It rides kind of stiff when just riding, but when you are racing, if feels like it absorbs the big stuff and you can jump the big stuff knowing you won't bottomn out and hurt yourself ( look at my avatar!) That's MY leg today. A Raptor is a good choice, but not the 350. Get a newly used 660 or pay out for the 700. Great machines that CAN do it all, just not all balls like the YFZ. Just a tad softer suspension, which you could quicklyoverload on an MX track, but nice and soft for woods riding. Even though it's a 660 or 700, the 450 makes the power you want RIGHT DAMN NOW!, no waiting for the revs to spin up. You would hate the 350 if you wanted lots of power at your finger tips. Thr 660 or 700 is heavier than a 450. It has more hp, butagain is heavier, not tuned for racing, and the suspension is set for cruising more than it is for racing. They have reverse and the 450 doesn't, but if you asked 100 YFZ riders who wanted a reverse on thiers, that 1 would probably be the guy who just sold his Warrior 350 and can't let go of his bad habits. Racers don't want it and if you really get in a tight spot, it's just not any good. It works well on flat, tacky terrain, not loose rocky stuff anyway.

Your ability will improve as you gain experience so don't buy a quad that you will out grow "experience wise" in 6 months. The raptor will limit you to what kind of riding or racing you may do. It can't MX very effectively these days, but the YFZ can go on the trails and outperform the raptor on it's own turf.

BESIDES, this is the YFZ450 forum, not the RAPTOR forum! :bonk:

If I had 7000 to spend, I'd get an 06 YFZ. You can get used YFZs for as little as 5000. The YFZ is the way to go. If you don't trust yourself with all that power, just turn in that little screw on the thumb throttle so you can't use all the throttle!!

Stumpy :bonk:

if you don't need something right away (i do thats why i'm switching to yamaha) i would wait and get the new suzuki 450 thats coming out in feb. it is supposed to alot more powerful and better handling than anything else on the market

While new is most of the time better, I'd wait to see what is up with the LTR motor. It isn't the same as the RMZ 450, so just be warned. Unlike the YFZ that came from the YZ motor OR the TRX motor that came from the CRF. These are tried and tested blocks. Hell, maybe I'm wrong and it is the same, but the boys at LTZ central say that it's not the same as the RMZ.


Stumpy, Thanks for your ideas on that! Ive raced MX for a few years now, its just that all of my friends are getting quads so i want to get one also. We will probably want to go fast sometimes, and jump things as well. We probably wont race on the track, just in the trails. But after reading your reply Im leaning more towards the 450. Although here in hawaii its sold out the door for close to $8000. Which is a bit more than i wanted to spend. I really wanted to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000. Im not too sure now what I want. We spoke to the dealer here and he quoted us about $5200 out the door for a 2005 Raptor 350. I think the going rate for the 2006 Raptor 350 is $5900 out the door.

Anyways, You make a good point about the 450 stumpy! And I guess I dont want to be growing out of the Raptor 350 in just a few months and wishing I got the 450. Hmmm, still a toss up between spending the $3000 more on getting YFZ450 , or getting the Raptor 350 for $5200 and possibly not liking it or growing out of it in a few months. Im still in love with my YZ250F and ride that alot as well, so this quad is just something on the side.

Any more opinions are welcome!

Just keep your options open. The new LTR 450 will run you about 9k or so over there, so loook for a used LTZ400 or YFZ. That will be your best bet for a 2nd ride. You will find a good used one will little or no damage for 5k or so your price. Good luck. Keep in touch.

Stumpy :bonk:

I appreciate your opinions and help stumpy!! Theres not too many quad people on here huh! Anyways your first reply was very helpful. Sometimes all someone needs is for someone else to break down everything your looking at and all your options instead of looking at it as a whole.

Anyone else with any more views on this subject is welcome.

if u wanna do track, get the 450. if u wanna ride for a little fun, and ride mostly trails and desert, without gettin too serious get the 350. the 350 is a kind of intermediate quad. and if its the 350 u want, i might suggest the trx 400 instead.

Why the TRX400 over the Raptor 350??

or the 2005 LTZ 400

I appreciate your opinions and help stumpy!! Theres not too many quad people on here huh! Anyways your first reply was very helpful. Sometimes all someone needs is for someone else to break down everything your looking at and all your options instead of looking at it as a whole.

Anyone else with any more views on this subject is welcome.

I can tell you from experiance, the YFZ is much quicker and better handling than the 66o Raptor. I have not ridden a new 700 yet. Other things to consider are maintenance. A clutch job on a Raptor 660 is about 1.5 hours and not something you want to do in the middle of a ride. It can be done if your prepared....have extra coolant, decent toolset, and lots of oil. On the YFZ though, it is a 10 minute job, only needs a 10mm and oil. The YFZ is built of a race engine and was designed to be repaired/maintained trackside. That was a big + for me. The suspension is by far superior on the YFZ. Although everyone will tell you it is harsh on the trail (and they are right with stock settings) it can be made better still than the raptor. I first took mine on a mellow trail, and it felt like riding a jack-hammer. I missed my Raptor then, but I let the shocks out all the way and softened it as far as it could go....it was awsome. Just as plush as the raptor, but still resisted bottoming more. It will never handle a trail as comfortably as a 4x4 though. Over all, I am extremely happy with mine. Added a pipe, removed the air-lid, and rejet. I climb stuff my moderately modded raptor would choke on. Over-all, both the Raptor660/700 and the YFZ are FUN and pretty good bikes. The 350 is really a Warrior with new plastics. If price is the concern, get a used YFZ or Rappy....you will be happier in the long run. :bonk:

Punisher, good points there! I think i may be leaning towards getting a YFZ and setting it up for the trails. Im currently looking @ a 2004 YFZ450, if i can get that at $5000 or less Im gonna get it.

well, i think the 400 is a much better running bike. it also has more torque. Ive ridden both, and the Honda feels better ergonomically, and i was able to more with the extra power it had.

get the yfz450 if you can afford it, but if you can, just go right up to the best Raptor 700! :bonk:

ive watched stock YFZ's and stock Raptor 660's drag race with fat dudes on them and the Raptor outruns the YFZ but not by much. so basically if its flat out speed you want go raptor and if you want to jump around id go with the YFZ.

or if you want the best of both switch to suzuki when they come out with the 450 in feb.

P.S. i am buying a YFZ 450 because i can't wait to ride again and its the best there is at this time

the quads i like are

trx 450

trx 400

suzuki 400

raptor 660 (and now probly the 700, looks sweet!)

yfz 450

Does anyone know if I can still jump stuff with the Raptor 350?? Im gonna pick up the 350 instead, im not gonna do any track stuff, just more trails. Im also getting a 2006 at $5300 out the door, is that a good deal??

Does anyone know if I can still jump stuff with the Raptor 350??

ya you can jump stuff without a quad too. the thing is after riding it about 5 or 6 times you would of wanted to get the 450

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