lawn mower needs jetting help

I spend way too much time on thumpertalk. I started my lawn mower yesterday and it didn't seem to run right so the first thing I thought of was to pull the air cleaner lid, pull the plug out of the exhaust, then start messing with the jetting. Then it hit me, IT IS A STUPID LAWN MOWER, give it a rest. I was almost on the ground laughing at myself, thinking of a post where guys were driving and thinking about how they could clear that ditch, or what route they would take up a hill. LMAO. Anyone find themselves doing these things? :D :D :)

I find myself looking at all ditches differently now. In fact my wife who won't touch a motorized 2 wheel contraption even comments on "oh that would be a nice place to ride and it is barely a trail in some ditch in the middle of nowhere". I have thought about getting a 4 wheeler so she could ride out the weeded ditches for me to knock down all those tall grasses! :)

It's funny, I have 3 bikes in my garage that i'm working on. My bikes always get my undivided attention. But, My lawn tractor leaks oil, and needs a new battery, I don't even know if my push mower has oil in it and the blade's dull, and I take my cars to the place on the corner to get the oil changed/tires rotated. My priorities; 1.Kids, 2.bikes/wife (tie :D) 3.everything else. :)

I remember, as a little kid (about 5) on long trips, looking out of the car window and imagining I'm riding next to the car on a dirt bike. Jumping the dirt road crossings and driveways (and mad roosting on golf courses :)). 35 years later and my wife can't figure out why I want her to drive on long trips.

My son does that as well... he is almost 9, but has been doing it for years... I hear these strange noises from the back of the car, and look in the mirror and see his hand going up and down, and I ask what he is doing... he is 'riding the roadside'... getting some air here... sliding over there... pull a wheelie on a big straight...

My youngest daughter just counts telegraph poles... hundreds and hundreds of them... LOL so it must be a boy thing 'riding the roadside'


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