unrebuildable salvage title

I found a 1996 DR 650 for sale in Florida for $1000. It was stolen then retrieved by the police. Does anyone know if an unrebuildable salvage title can be used for street purposes in PA? Can I get a rebuilt title?




It is best to call PenDot. Good luck on them answering the phone. I think if you got a salvage tiltle, it should be good enough to legally title. Call PenDot.

I did an unrebuildable salvage fix up on a 95' park avenue ultra last year and I'm still sitting on it trying to clear the red tape. Here in michigan it's bad news to try it unless you have another title from a parts bike or car that is rebuildable.

I talked to PENN DOT and they said it could not be made legal. It can only be used for parts.

Thanks for the help


Wow, That is a bunch of crap. Too bad, sorry Nick!


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