Lonestar CRF 450


I have a '02 crf450 /Lonestar chassis quad I have been building.It has a 480cc. kit,Hotcams stage 2 cam ,ESR clone stepped header& silencer.and a ESR TRX450r airbox eliminator. 45 pilot. second clip from bottom on the needle,210 main. The problem I'm having is that the bike will not pull on the top end!! It has great bottom and a wicked midrange,just is really flat on the top. WTH?? :bonk:

its the intake tube you have clamped to the carb.the bell mouth is not tapered on the carb.the air hits the flat surface and creates major turbulence.

the velicity stack is built into the crf air boot.

basically,those air box elimanator kits are an expensive way to slow your stuff down.

you need to call RHC and have him modify your carb so it will work with out the air box.

heres a dyno graph from a crf that has one these air box eliminators.


the blue line is after installing the air box eliminator.the customer threw it away and went to a 05 crf air boot.

So what does he do? Taper the intake throat?

he adds on a tapered velocity stack.

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