Finger Lakes Park - Columbia, Missouri????

Just wondering if anybody in thump land has ever ridden at Finger Lakes State Park in Columbia Missouri off Route 54? I am a proud owner of a 2001 WR426 and have just purchased two XR100 for my twin sons. How is the terrain at the park? My sons don't have but about a month of experience but ride very well already (they are twelve years old). Are the trails full of ruts from quads or are they ok for them to ride on? Any tracks or flats for them to ride on?

Thanks in advanve for the information, have a great evening!




To be completely honest with you I have never rode there. And thats for one reason.

Every single person I have ever talked with that has rode there said that is the biggest dump of a place to ride on god's green earth.

Ive heard the mudholes there are endless because of 4 wheelers just sitting in the middle of them pinning the throttle and I have heard the MX track is even worse.

Hopefully someone else on here can give you first hand knowledge that has been there, but from what I have heard, stay away! :)

Go to Chadwick, that place is awesome. Trails are well marked from easy to "black diamond".

Went there last summer, glad to see alot of bikes. Alot of younger riders as well.

I rode St. Joesphs in Missiouri as well, didn't care for that area.

I rode the there in '98 with a XR650L. We didn't get on alot of the trails because it gets really muddy-super slick. The MX track was in good shape but tight for a overweight dual-sport. We camped right by the lake and there were some ATV types partying. [image]C:\My Documents\My Pictures\Bikes and Personal Pics\Bikes\CK racing pics[/image]

I need to learn how to paste pics in a reply.



Your trying to post them directly off your computer. That wont work. You have to host them somewhere first. (In other words, they have to be on a website)

If you so a search for "How do I post pics" and select "All forums" you will find a wealth of info on it. :)

Do you have a website you can host them on?

I have been there a few times. I broke my back on the motocross track (but that is another story) I dont like the place if it is wet at all it REALLY SUCKS!!! Huge mud holes and really slick. and watch out for the hill climbs when you get to the top there might not be a top just another side that drops you into one of the many lakes. Just take your time to lean the place and watch out for mud holes.

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