Sticks and Stones...........

Severe separated right shoulder and severe stretched hamstring doing a 1-1/2 off a single jump (hit a hole in the face) thought I was going to land on the wheels so I stayed on the bike, the bike landed on me instead. Separated left shoulder twice. Knocked out once just lost memory. Been riding for 40 years and broke first bone last year (collar bone). :D I've quite several times, went fishing for 6 years, and talked about riding the whole time, so I'm back riding. Quitting cigarettes is easier then quitting riding! :) Decided I can ride better now then latter. :D

had a trip in helicopter to the hospital, end result broken scaphoid / trpizium or something ,ripped off tendons on fingers ,torn ligaments on left foot when jammed in mates bike and real severe whiplash from splitting lid on tree kissing moment ,never mind the rim and other bit of my bike that got broke, this happened christmas and still trying to get fingers strightend :) hope you get better soon

I forgot. I did fracture both feet casing a triple once. No casts, just pain for a looong time ---Mike

Shattered left collerbone, dislocated right collerbone, severed toe on left foot, broken right wrist, broken right radius, separated bones left hand, broke two bones in right hand, tore two discs in back, tore all intercostal muscles and broken rib on right+ bruised lung, right knee scoped (needs it again), broken tail bone(OUCH!!),severe cuncussion, countless sprains,30+ years riding. To all of those moms out there who would like to use this post as a reason NOT to let your child (including the one you are married to) buy a motorcycle, about 20% of these injuries happened on motorcycles. The rest were bicycle/skateboard. An adrenaline junkie will get hurt no matter what you do mom. The best thing you can do is buy him/her a good helmet. :) By the way, one collerbone among the bike injuries. :D

To BrandonW, play riding with buddies+old combat boots+micue+Xr600(footpeg)+cr250(axle adjuster bolt)= severed second toe on left foot. :) The importance of good boots/helmet cannot be overstated. :D

Left collar bone in 3 places racing moto.

Track medic kept poking it and saying "Look fellas, a broken collar bone."

Would have punched him if I could lift my hand.

Felt pretty good when the pain stopped. :)

broken collarbone

compound fracture

2) 6 inch plates

12 screws

100+ stitches

dislocated thumb

Right wrist twice Right ankle once right collar bone once ,

Ribs several times concusions several times , Started riding in London in 1978,includinng several years as a dispatch rider , not too bad. I am going to try and land on my left side from now on , thats if I my memory keeps working. What was this post about again? :) :

Broke my right collar bone.Now my right shoulder is 1 1/2 shorter than the other.They just let the bone grow beside each other and it looks weird,Thsi happened last September as I was trying to cross a 7 foot wide ditch in 4th.

Still hurts a little if I put my head down to go so sleep in class and I can reach behind with my left arm and touch my hair (been growin it out for a 1 1/2 year) but with my right arm I can barely get it passed my mid back.

Couple of big scars from jumping bicyles.

Left tibia/fibula broken (just got the rod and 4 of the screws out) - dirt track racing

Left ankle broken in 2 spots - dirt track racing

C1- vertebra broken - road racing

Left scapula fractured - road racing

Right ACL torn- trail riding

Middle joint on left foot surgically removed - road racing

Right knee scoped twice for torn cartilage

Bones in both wrists are not in the right spots anymore

I have been riding for 28 years and would not change a thing.

Bikes rock!

Still no WR....they say it is now in the warehouse in Chicago. :)

Left ankle three times

Right ankle twice

Right wrist

Left wrist twice

Right hand

Right femur (compound fracture)

L-5 lumbar spine


5 ribs

left humerus

Just kidding...

Man you guys get messed up!!!

I've only dislocated my left shoulder

flying off a ravine 40 feet or so.


Once I tried to squeeze between two close trees and each side of my mullet got snagged and torn off, now I have a mullettail.

Got it hangin' from your rear view mirror? :)

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