Pro Moto Billet Baffle

Hello All,

I am a new WR450 owner and a new TT member.

Does anyone have any experience with the PMB exhaust baffle? It looks nice, but I wondering what it did to the performance. Also, are the GYT-R baffles still available? I was told that they were not.


Post from a couple days ago say the PMB is better looking and performs better. I saw the GYT-R on the web at some sight. Personally, I am getting the PMB.

Treecop :)

To read the thread on the PMB do a search for " Pro Moto Billet Muffler Insert" and lengthen the term of the search to one month. The search will let you pull up the prior discussion.

I have a Yamaha GYT-R insert I will sell if you want it. It makes the bike nice and quiet, but I don't want to rejet my bike to get the performance back as it is set up to run uncorked. It's lucky I don't have any neighbors nearby.

I put one on my WR with a YZ pipe and it Works great. Better throttle response, More mid range hit and Stronger top end Pull.

Thanks for the replys. I picked up a PMB from "Montclair Yamaha" and it looks and works great. I still have a little "mis" on the bottom that I need to get rid of.

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