Filters.. K&N ~ Uni,I reinstalled my factory Job!


So I have the Uni foam filter that I picked up for $20.00 bucks and ran for 300 miles, and 1 oil change. Today I took a look to see if she needs to be cleaned and reoiled etc.. While I was waiting for the thing to dry out, I put back in my Factory paper filter and took her for a spin.

To my suprise I can't tell the difference! I'm thinking that the Uni filter stuff, and the oil, and the freaking gloves etc.. is all a scam.

What do you all think? Do you notice a difference between your factory foam or paper filters and the uni's or k&n's? :)

The Uni and some of the other aftermarket air filters do flow a little better than the stocker, but don't expect to notice it in terms of a power gain cause it isn't much, especially in low RPM applications. I think you'd be hard pressed to instrument a consistant 1 HP gain on any aftermarket air filter for the XR650R when compared to the stock air filter. I'm quite happy with the air filters from Uni and think they are a good replacment or spare.

I also doubt much air flow difference. I prefer the Uni filter because of the lipped edge running all the way around it. The lip fits in the groove around the airbox and backfire screen surface, making a tight fit. The stock filter is just flat. With the way the side-plate holds the filter down, I feel like the lip on the Uni filter makes a better seal, making it much more difficult for dust to get past.

The problem with the paper filter is that they will clog up solid and the bike will not run. Don't even think about getting them wet either. You can get a foam filter wet and dirty and you will still get home. With your bike set up my guess is you us it off road, if that is true stick with the foam filter. That is what Honda uses in the identical air box with the XR600.

Duch is correct.....

Spent a lot of time pitting Team Hondas off road effort and they use the stock foam filter. had problems fitting the K&N (pitting) but the Uni's work fine. Have ran the Uni on my XR400 for years and never had a problem.

Dumped a XR650L in a Colorado stream and the paper filter turned into a nightmare. Get it wet and your only course of action is to rip it clear out. :)

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