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Suzuki No control on money

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Let me start with a thanks for the reply.I am over budget on this ole bike.

Don't have problem with the steering.The stumble is in the engine or the

set up on carb. I think... Does the setup sound right. 165 main jet, Needle

on #4 slot, fuel screw at 3.5 turns out.The stumble is most felt in 5th gear

wide open.Do you think I am hitting rev. limiter. Or is it in the carb settings.

Thanks QuadRacer23 for the advice...


2004 kfx400

2005 Honda rancher 4x4

1986 220 Bayou

185 ATC Honda

XR75 Honda dirt bike

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You wouldn't be hitting a rev limiter unless you over rev 5th gear, its probly your carb, the main jet might be a little too big depending on where you live and what pipe you have, but i've never had to touch my carb so i wouldn't know where the adjustments are suppose to be. If you changed them or you got if off somebody ask them what the stock adjustments were and set them back to stock.

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If you are hitting the rev limiter you'll know it. You won't lose power or anything, you just won't go any faster.

You say WOT in 5th. An easy way to find out is to go WOT in 4th until you hit the limiter....then you'll know right away if it's the same problem.

Usually with jetting, the problem is related to throttle position more so than what gear you are in. What type of jets are you using? It sounds like you might be a bit rich. What type of intake mods (filter/airbox)? What type of exhaust (slip-on/full/stock)? With that info, we should be able to get you close for jetting.

The other option is a small piece of dirt or sand in the carb, that only manages to clog the jet at WOT. Have you checked the carb to see if there is any dirt in it?

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