Need Brake Bleeding Instructions

OK, one task down (new linkage / swingarm bearings, which went in with no problem, thanks Kevin), one to go.

I would like to bleed my own breaks and add new fluid. Having never done this myself, can anyone point me to instructions for this procedure? Thanks, Doug

Dougie, fill it up with fluid and keep it full. Pump the brake pedal and while keeping it down loosen the bleeder on the calipre, mostly air should come out. Tighen the bleeder back up, important not to let up on the brake pedal, it will suck air back in. Then pump it up again, loosen bleeder, bleed until pedal bottoms, hold it, tighten bleeder. Start all over. Contiue this until you get nothing but fluid flowing out. Piece of cake.


It's elementary, Sir...

Simply cruise in about 3rd gear towards a series of whoops, making sure to standup and lean forward on your bike...just before the 1st whoop, grab a fistfull of brake lever. Guaranteed bleeding...

I'll show you how it's done in Moab here in a few... :)


Hey Dougie, Glad to see your still around! :):D

I suppose the wife and kids are keeping you busy nowdays. Not enough time to TT anymore eh?

Just be careful about asking questions that might have been pondered 2-3 years ago. Yamakaze will come out of the bushes and shoot you down! 2gunsfiring_v1.gif

Espically if your a TT vet! :D

Put a length of hose on the bleeder, and put a loop in it to keep bubbles from going back into the bleeder. Better yet, spring for a bleed tool that forces fluid up from the bottom(bleeder). Just make sure to watch your fluid level. :):D

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