'98 YZ400 vs. '00 YZ426 vs......

I have been racing 2 strokes for a number of yrs. Primarily the CR 250 with a YZ thrown in here and there. I just picked up a new 426 and can say hands down that I will not own another 2 stroke for racing. I race on both wide open outdoor tracks, and tighter more technical supercross type tracks. I really really like the 426. It is the best bike I have ever owned!!! I envy your position, life is full of tough decisions like the one you have to make.

I'm sitting he sweating over buying a 426. I've got a

acquaintance in AZ that bought a new YZ426 and YZ250 this year. He can't start

the 426, 2-stroke in his blood. The bike is perfect, 10 hours on it total,

still has the nubs on the tires, Pro-tapers, CF glide plate, extra plastic and

suspension done for close to my body weight. I can get it for a "really good" price.....

I'm sweating because I'd decided to get a CR500 to set up for Desert races and

keep the 400 to ride MX. My 400 is dialed in and has been a great trouble free ride.

Wife green lighted a second bike to get me to sell my

skydiving gear, after 15 years and 900 jumps.....

I'd also though about getting the 426, selling my 400,getting a CR250 and setting the 250 up for

MX.....ARGGGGG, ITS A BIKE QUANDARY (LOL) What I found really surprising is

the weight difference, go sit on a CR250, it feels WAY lite! This is a good

thing for an old guy like me at the end of a moto when my tongue is hanging

out....decisions, decisions

You get to have any two of the above bikes, one for desert, one for MX. What would you do and why? I'd really like to hear from you guys

that have raced MX on both the thumper and the 2 smokes.


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

I just got a XR650R and dual-sported it for the dez, but then I also got a YZ426. If it wasn't for trying to get the 426 street legal I wouldn't even own the XR650R. I'v always been a 2-smoke guy. Keep your 400 for the dez get the 426 for the track. I ride my 426 @ Glen Helen every Thurs.

I'm driving my wife nutts with this ;-)

I've got two riding buddy's who both swear the the CR500 is the best bike ever built, I've ridden one of them for 10 minutes. Sure got a lot of power, more that the 400 and seemed smooth. At least it was smooth with my 220 pound butt on board :-) And it's a damm simple bike, no valves, no cams, not even a power valve. Lighter too, hard to pass on....but I don't think I'd MX one...don't know might be fun at some place "open" like Glen Helen, Might be a little harder at Sunrise :D

Rode the 400 and my KDX200 back to back tonight, I think I'm cured of wanting a 250. The power of the 400 makes the KDX feel really weak. The 426 should be BAD :) I'd keep my 400 but the 426 is just to good to pass up!

I let my wife ride the 400 while I rode the KDX tonight....we may be selling the KDX, if she gets the starting drill down!

JohnnyW, it's good to hear from a 250 pilot, could you detail what you think the differences are power, handling and weight wise...have you compaired lap times? Placed better at the races?

Westside, thanks for the info, will have to hook up some time at GL.

Keep the thoughts coming....


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F


You cannot compare the power of a CR250 Honda to that of the KDX. The Honda is in a different league that the KDX can only have wet dreams about.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.

Moab bound for 2000!!

Hey Chris-

2 of my riding buds have CR500s, one is pretty blown out but the other is a REALLY nice ride! It has full suspension work and some mild porting which makes it pretty easy to fly through the rough stuff, and is easier to toss around than my 426 in the real tight stuff. BUT, I wouldn't get rid of my YZF for one, nor will I go back to any 2-stroke (I had a RMX250)- I'm a 4-stroke lifer!


'00 YZ426

Hey Chris,

I feel that the 426 handles better than my CR. I had the the pro circuit works suspension on my CR, and the factory suspension on the 426 seems better. Cornering is more improved. There is no doubt thet I am faster and smoother in the tight turns with the 426. I think it boils down to more usable power. As far as the weight issue, it feels about the same in the air. Over most triples and big tables I can't tell a major difference. My lap times have gotten faster and my placement in the series I race has gone from top 5 to top 3 fairly consistently. I hope this helps.

Johnny W


The tight stuff is what I wondered about, I know the 426 is set up alittle different than the 400. The 426 said to turn better than the 400 I sure some of it is poor technique

on my part but I've had problems with the really tight stuff, especially if it's a flat turn. If I've got a berm to work with I'm fine. Do you find your self less fatigued on the

thumper than the CR after a moto? I more concerned with the weight causing fatigue than being being out gunned engine wise, I run out of gas before the bike :)

I also wondered, if the YZF is "better" why are the pro's running them for the outdoor series? If they were an advantage, surely they'd use them. I would spectate that

part of it has to do with the pro's having 250's that put out way more HP than the 250's us novices would go up against and part of it would be that what's best for the

pro's isn't necessarily what's best for us mere mortals :-)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Just thought I would add my $.02.....

I attended the races here in Northern IL yesterday for the first time in about 10 years. I thought about racing but decieded against it. My observation was somewhat disappointing. There were about 10 YZ 4XXs there, and all of them were near the end of the pack. There was one in the 250 "A" class, a few in the "B" and about the same amount in the "C". Most of them were in the "vet" classes. 25+ and 35+. Jumping was no problem for Team thumper, but the nobody on them seemed to have the speed in and out of the corners compared to the 2-strokes. Maybe it was just a coincedence that the less experienced racers were all riding the YZFs.

Just a FYI. They sure do sound neat though :)


I am not quite sure why the pro's don't all race them on the outdoor circut, but your reasoning makes sense to me. At any rate, I don't seem to get as fatigued riding this bike. It has started to get hot here in

So Cal. especially the inland tracks. Maybe it's just that I am stoked as hell to be riding the 426 (?) as for the above post, regarding the racing in IL. send those boys on the 25'0s out here and let's see how fast they are. I think part of the issue is that the 426 is so low maintence that any schmoo can hop on one, no matter what shape they are in or how long the have been riding. The style of riding the 426 vs a 250 is different. once you get it dialed it's very convincing.



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