Anyone ride the Mio or Bull Gap trails?

I am going to be riding this Friday and Saturday in the Mio area. Will probably run the Mio loop Friday and Bull Gap on Saturday. Anyone ride these yet this year? What kind of trails are they like and also the current condition if youve been on them recently. I have never been on them before so I'm sort of curious.


Whats up? In reply to your post, yes i have ridden the trails of Bull Gap. The trails are ruff in some areas. Lots of whoops it seems like mostly and soft ground (mostly sand).

The hill its self is fun but be carefull lots of people have been hurt out there because of the dumb ass people that ride out there with out caution. I have a cabin in Glennie area. Its about 10 mins from the trails.

Its allot of fun out there. The hill area is very busy on the holiday weekends too. Have not been out there yet this year. Going to silver lake sand dunes this weekend.

If you have anymore questions let me know. Hopefully this info helps.

Be safe bro.

Beefcake278 :)

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