Another WR Fix?

I was reading some posts on the newsgroup and I came upon this post:

"My dealer has told me there is a further fix coming from Japan that includes new parts. From what I understand the gears between the starter motor and the flywheel are to be replaced with a new set. These gears are pressed together with less interference so when a backfire occurs the two gears will slip rather than shearing the Woodruff key."

Anyone else heard of this?

Havn't heard of that before.

I doubt I want to mess with fixing those gears. I would rather deal with the woodruff key and flywheel if it ever happens to me. 867 miles with no problems and no need for fixes so far. Just added 5 miles rejetting today. I am going to ignore the Yamaha band aid service bulletins and just keep on riding. :)

Go Indy! I just rolled (more like hauled butt) past 600 miles yesterday without any issues. I'd be interested in hearing more information regarding the "starter and flywheel replacement gears" rumor but don't think I'd act on it anytime soon. My fears of a woodruff key failure are all but gone. :)

I saw the same post. I had my second key failure and my dealer performed the work according to the TSB. They haven't heard anything additional to since the issueance of the TSB. :D

I've run it hard since the service and I have no issues to report. :)

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