Removing Front Rim

I am trying to remove my front rim.(2002 XR 650 L) I removed the 4 nuts from the axle holder then removed the speedo cable. I then tried to remove the axle by using a 17 mm socket. I cannot get it to budge. I am afraid of bending/stripping or just flat breaking something. What am doing wrong or am I just not putting enough strength behind it?

I just loosen the nuts on the one side so that the axle spins inside the fork leg supporting the axle. You do not need to remove that plate. Loosen with the wheel on the ground then put the bike on a stand :) to take the axle out. Get a breaker bar or a cheater to put on the ratchet and give it Hell! - just remember "Righty tighty Lefty loosey"

I was trying with it on the stand and I was tooooo scared to try a cheater bar. Oh well I guess I will try it again


You really just have to open a can of whoopass on that thing. The first time I changed mine, it was incredibly tough. I had to put a 6-ft bar on there to help me with leverage. Try a little wd-40 and let it sit on there for a little while. It should come loose eventually. Dont give in, you just have to show it who's the boss!!! :)

Or you could just FART on it! :D

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Just a little inside joke with my Pig Bruddah's :)

I'll bet product-liability issues had 'em torque it to 200 ft. lbs... or, maybe the dealer assembles 'em tight to ensure some future business... or ? That is one beefy bolt; if you twist that off, you're a Pig Rider indeed!

On that subject though - I tightened the oil filter cap bolts on my ol' 250 (same as the BRP) - and twisted the head off. Now Threebond is my friend.

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