advice on buying a 1998 yz400f

Looking to buy a used bike. Heard the 1998 yz400f can be difficult to start, and restart, once warmed up. Any comments or advice. My other choice is a 2002 CR250. I am 41, ride in the woods , hare scrambles, and light motocross.

The 98's don't have a hot start button on the carb. I know I have to use mine all the time on both of my bikes. I'd think this could definetly cause a problem. There might be a kit you could get for a 98 or 99. I think I remember seeing something about this while searching the archives the other day. :)

i have a 1998 WZ 400. I have the hot start on my carb. I also have NEVER i repeat NEVER had to use my hot start. Never not once. Never. So i wonder if there are others out there who have never used theirs either . Get the bike. Alot better then the 2 smoke.

Good luck.

Chris :)

The 98's do have a hot start, but I've never used it either, ever...don't need it. Great bike, starts and runs flawlessly...

get it if it's clean...

Kev, any chance yo live in CO? You can check mine out (not for sale though) :)

Oops, sorry for my bad advice. I thought I remember the dealer telling me that 2000 was the first year of the hot start when I bought my 400.

I've still got my 98 YZ400 and it's still the best starting four-stroke I've ever had. I have used the hot start a couple of times but only after non-trivial fall-offs. I don't think I've ever kicked it more than 4 times to start it!

I just got a 98 wr400f and it does have hot start, but as with the others here I havent needed to use it, so far even when it had a comp exhaust and wasnt jetted right it allways started first or second kick.. now with a stan exhaust and correct jets its a first kick baby and i love it.. Things I found on mine that need attention are all the rubber hoses on and around the carb, fuel line, all are perished. suspension linkages needed greasing but are all ok, forks need a rebuild & new oil, but are working perfectly well really, just a bit soft, not even leaking seals :-) fresh oil, new plug, rinsed the filter out, treated a few rusty spots on the bottom of the frame, straightened out the subframe with a long steel pole :-) for cosmetics i replaced most of the nuts and bolts on the rolling chassis, plastic panels and seat bolts, makes the bike look allmost new..

got to say that now I have this bike i want more power and am eyeing up 02wr426's :-) now entering the second hand market due to electric foot 450's..

I have a 98 wr 400 it not only has a hot start but it is a 1 or 2 kick bike and a lot of fun ride

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