98 YZF vs YZF 99

im currently looking for a YZ 400 i was looking pretty close at the 98's when i was told to get a 99 because they had heaps of good changes, is this so.

Also most people now make it sound as if the 400's have no bottom end compared to a 426 is this so? :)

It depends how much you want to spend. If you are full of $$ then find a 426. Good luck!! I got mine almost 2 months ago and I had to drive 4 hours to pick it up. I have ridden with a couple of YZ 400s on trails and hills and they keep up just fine. Although in a drag race, you can really tell the difference :) I was surprised to see how many used YZFs there are around, personally I do not plan on getting rid of mine for a long time!!

Hope this helps

I have a 99' and my buddy has a 98' and we have the same setups as far as bars and tires and pipes, and tuning. Ride them back to back and you can't tell a difference other then his bars are moved different than mine and it throws me off. The main difference is the 99 has lighter hubs, lighter swingarm, and different rear linkage,excell wheels stock. Their might be a few more little changes, but they are the same bike in my eyes. (Dont tell him that, it's fun when his bike is older than mine) If you can feel ounces lighter in a swingarm and wheels then your name is Jeremy Mcgrath. Otherwise their both great bikes. I haven't ridden a 426, but gear breakage and clutch baskets aren't worth a little bit of torque that the 400 has plenty of.


If your looking for a bike, I know of a clean '98 with lots of "extra's" that maybe going up for sale in the next week. :)

Where are YOU?


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Thanks for all your replys i think i'll stick with getting a 98. Chris i doubt i live even within a phew 1000 miles from you, i live in AUSTRALIA... :) . i wish i lived in America i've got relitives who live in California(sp?) the prices are so good over there eg. for a brand new YZ 426 over here you pay about 11,000$ and i think they're about 5,900$ over there, i know our dollar is differant and all but dont you guys think that a little outragous..?(a pair of alpine stars tech 8's cost about 800$) :D

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