Can someone with a YZ426 tell me the carb needle number in your bike. The local Yamaha shop service manual said it is OBEKR but the parts department said it is OBEVR and has no part listing for an OBEKR. Which one is actually in the bike??

This is a factor in the difference of how the YZ426 runs versus the YZ400. The YZ400 uses a OBDVR and the YZ426 uses the OBE?R. The YZ426 gets more fuel at 2/3 throttle where the YZ400 runs lean ...


James Dean :)

These two bikes also use different carbs. (FCR right from a street bike) vs. (FCR2 YZ426 specific)

Yes, the carbs are different but the 426 is using the "standard" FCR street bike needle, whereas the all 400's are using a non-standard and leaner taper. This makes all the 400's have a weaker and more flat power in the midrange, including the '00WR400 with the FCR2!

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