Rear shock spring Q

Hi guys,

One of my partner just bought a used YZ250. When we compress the rear suspension, it does not come back well on top. We can easily extend it for 2 or 3 additional inch by pulling the subframe up even if the shock spring is totally compressed (preload is at max).

Do we have to conclude that the spring is out of order and has to be replaced?

This question may sound totally stupid :D but as none of us two race, we have never seen such a thing. :D

Thanks for your help :)

I would be more inclined to question the shock not the spring.

just my opinion.


What your experincing is something called free sag. There is way to much of it though. A couple of causes could be that the sag is just set wrong. Look up how to set sag. If the wrong spring is on the bike it could cause this condition or the shock could be in need of repair. Check the sag first though.

If preload is maxed, the spring is probably sacked. If you can't get your sag set at 100mm with a normal size rider, Your spring is probably shot.

You should inspect & lube the linkage bearings if you haven't already. Friction can do this too.

I would be more inclined to question the shock not the spring

That is what I,ve been thinking when I saw that but my buddy just paid the dealer to rebuild that shock so it should be OK....

Thanks to everybody for the advises :)

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