should I get the YZ or the XR?

I have been trying to decide whether I would have more fun riding a 99YZ400 or a 99XR400. I know they are for two different applications but the yz has had the front suspension revalved to take out the midstroke harshness and has been geared down on the rear sprocket so that it now feels like it could be ridden slower and feels plusher. The YZ seems to run awfully hot though and I even noticed that the radiator cover on one side was melted and dripping on the header pipe- (easily fixed with a pair of nippers). I guess everyone knows the XR 400 would make a good playbike/trailbike but the YZ makes more power and has better suspension and geared down might be more fun to ride. The Honda seat looks more substantial and easier for longer rides and has no problems with heating up on trail. I plan to use a bike mainly for trailriding , playriding and maybe some hare scrambles or light enduro riding. Let me know what you think. The YZ might even get me interested in Moto. I am a 40 year old intermediate rider. I got a gold medal in an ISDE qualifier 10 years ago when I last did any serious riding. I want to have some fun and get back into the sport. Both bikes are in similarly excellent shape with the Yamaha priced at $4700 and the Honda at $4000.

The YZ may not handle quite as good as the XR in really tight conditions but that is all the XR has on the YZ. Power is not comparable. The YZ will blow the doors off the XR. If you go MX at all the YZ will outpreform the XR. Sounds like the YZ is probably jetted lean. I would not buy the XR unless you plan on sitting down a lot. The XR is closer to the ground and has a much softer seat. If you look in the WR forum there is a lot of talk about XR vs. YZ. Good Luck


99 YZ400 Stock!!


I also pondered the XR vs. YZ (briefly)........ I am not a full out MX'er either, but I could not shake the fact that if I wanted more, I could do just about anything on the YZ. I was worried that the XR would not have enough power for that one hairy hillclimb.... or the snap to get me over those set of doubles..... Now I don't have to worry about it. I have done about 80% trails riding with my 426 and would not trade it for anything out there (well maybe one of those KTM 520's, but that is a different story). I have ridden with one guy on a XR400 and it seemed like it struggled on some spots where my YZ426 shined. Deep sand, and places when you need some quick snap out of the engine.

Hope this helps.


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