Loctite 648 : For Flywheel Key Service Bulletin

Just wanted to let you guys know. I performed my own lapping service. I feel more comfortable doing my own, and my shop still does not have much info. on this bulletin. The proper Loctite 648 is very hard to find. This guy has it and is very credible, nice,cheap,and prompt.


You can have it in two days for less than half of what normal loctite costs at an auto parts store. This is a retaining compound made for mating cylindrical parts in high temp. applications with oil present. You can check it out on loctite.com.

Just check the online store or call him. Hope this helps.

Here is Loctite's datasheet.

648 Datasheet

McMaster Carr has it. Here is the info.

91458A79 Loctite 648 Retaining Compound, 10 ml, Green $ 12.87 Each


You can also search the Loctite website for distributors. You are not going to find most of what Loctite has to offer at your local hardware store. You need to go to more specialized distributors.


I’m not familiar with the 648 Loctite :D, I’ve used 242, 609, and 262.

Blue (242) is removable, Green (609) is for press fits, and Red (262) is for permanent applications.

I’d use Red (262) Loctite just to be safe and hope to never have to take it apart again! That stuff is what it says…PERMANENT. :)

I think that 648 is loctites version of JB WELD... :D :D :):D :D

:lol:That could be! :)

Be sure to watch your shelf life on Locktite! I talked with a fellow mechanical engineer geek at Loctite (the phone number is on the package) and he told me how to interpret the date codes. Turns out it is VERY sensitive for full strength to shelf life and I found half the stuff on the stores shelves out of date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I recall they had a alpha numeric code mix and a life of only one year since date of manufacture. I would give them a call for an update on all this. Mark

I've taken Loctite's seminar and have all the data sheets at my house. To add to your shelf life comment, you must also be very careful with temperature. Many of the Loctite products need to be stored in the refridgerator. Hardware, grocery and most retail stores do not have people who are knowledgeable about these products.

You would be much better going through a distributor listed on Loctite's site. When you buy the product, make sure it's been stored correctly and within the specified date.

You also have to be very careful about what type you are using for the application. From the data sheet, you can see that the 648 is high temperature retaining adhesive. I think if you look up the data sheet for the red Loctite, you'll find it is not high temperature.

I'd use the one they recommend if you are going to go to all the trouble to do this modification. :)

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