overall gearing on YZ400

Does anyone know how the gear ratios differ between the WR and the YZ? Whats the top speed on the YZ400 with stock sprockets and geared down a few teeth. I want to buy a YZ400 but am worried it wont have enough speed for desert of open terrain.

The WR has a higher 5th gear than the YZ. My buddy rides a YZ250 with all motor and race mods on it running 112 race fuel and the whole bit. I have a stock YZ400. We are both running 14 - 49 gearing. Not sure if the internal gearing is the same or not. In acceleration down a road, his bike will pull mine by about a bike length until 5th gear when I just blow by him like he broke. Sorry, can't tell you how fast (mph) it goes, but I know it is fast. I ride 50% MX and 50% trails/playriding and I like the stock gearing. The motor will pull a taller gear quite easily and with a little clutching I hardly ever stall. The first couple of days on it I stalled a lot. I found that with a lower gear it was a lot of fun for trail riding and play riding but I had to shift a lot on the MX track. With the stock gearing on a MX track I use 3rd with a little 2nd and one straight away I get to use 4th.


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Going by Rich Rodrichs article he wrote in March..

If the YZ400 has sufficient torque to turn 11,000 in fifth gear we get 88.93 mph.

Thats using internal ratios etc right from the crank back to the rear sprocket (using stock gearing)



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