Straighting Sub Frame, Tips needed...

So what's the consensus on the best way to re-align the sub frame?? Mines not just a simple tweak where you can shove a bar in and just leverage it. I'm 99% sure mine happened on a fast tank slapping high side, so the whole thing just sits to the right as you look from the back, it still sits level.

I've heard of just laying the bike over, but then what. Jump on it? Do you support it with something?? I'm mainly concerned with keeping the span between the rails even. Should I leave the seat on to keep the spacing?? Just need some ideas.......


Dodger :):D

You shouldn't have to worry about the spacing because there is a cross member at that point. Take the seat and side panels off, lay the bike on it side. Put a piece of wood or something under the top of the tire to support the bike from rocking. Put your weight on it with your foot and gently hop on it until you feel it move. Make sure you check it often so that you don't bend it the other way.

I did mine with a big bar, but it was fairly simple straigtening out. I would do it with the seat on or make up a spacer in place of the seat, only loosely bolted up tho and the exhaust loosely bolted up otherwise that might be a nightmare to get on afterwards.. trial and error with a bar I reckon, dont like the idea of laying the bike over and jumping up and down on it.. :-)

Actually found it easy to bend once I had slackened off the bolts holding the silencer on.. (I did mine with the seat off) good luck...

Something I've used before is a big pipe wrench (like an 18" or 24"), which is not necessarily something everyone has access to. I opened the jaw up as much as possible, then put the subframe in between the bars. I would put the front of the jaw as close as possible to the bend, and then apply pressure in the direction I wanted to bend it. As long as the subframe is not kinked at all something like this works great.

Go back to the place you did the High side. Procede in the oppisite direction. Do another fast tank slapping high side on the oppisite side. :D Be carfully out there. :)

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