Second doubts (HELP)

i went to my local dealer today and he has almost talked me out of getting the YZ but i still want one, he said that it would be totaly unsuitable for and woods or enduro is this true? i would also be doing moto X and dune riding and didnt want to put any aftermarket mods eg. moto x rear fender, so i dont really want a WR 400, i dont care if i dont win all the races i just want a bike with heaps of power to compete on a bit, dose a YZ sound like a big mistake for me?

Also if im buying a 98 YZ 400 should i get one thats rebuilt or dose'nt it really matter

That is just not true. Look in the WR forum and see how many guys are setting up their WR's with YZ mods and riding them in the woods/trails. They may not handle quite as good as some other bikes in the woods, but they are definately not garbage. I just bought my 99 YZ400 this year. I would never buy a smaller bike or a two stroke again. I have never had so much fun riding a bike before. The reliabilty of this bike is amazing. As far as rebuilding goes mine has never been apart. I know of some people in the WR forum with 98's that have not been rebuilt yet. I would guess that if it has been rebuilt it was only preventive maintenance, but it doesn't hurt to find out why. Once you dial in the jetting the plug should last you the season. This bike is a lot of fun on the track or in the woods. I think that the dealer may be trying to sell you something that he has???


99 YZ400 Stock!!

Are they wanting you to compare the WR to the 426 or the 426 to say a 250 2-stroke? In either case, I would stick with the 426 unless you need lights. You may, however, find the bike geared a bit high for some slow technical riding, and some find the front end may be a bit stiff. I went to a 51 on the rear and re-valved the forks. The bike is now near perfect for my weight all the weird types of riding I do.

Thanks for your replys, i think i'll go to a differant dealer or maybe check out what the guys say who have them for second hand..

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