? Best way to plug hole left when odometer rem

I have little need for the odometer on my WR450 as am running a computer. Any suggestions on what is the best way to plug the hole in the spindle or is there a plug someone sells? Thanks for any suggestions. Tim

Tim remove the odo drive unit completely. Pick up a YZ spacer and seal.Much cleaner and save yourself a half a pound. :)

Is the YZ spacer and seal OEM or Aftermarket?

I took my cable off. Could not find a 12mm cap nut, so I got a small standard capnut drilled and taped to fit the place where the cable attached. :)

Flatland racing sells them.. I called last week and they said it should be out soon for the 03'

I really appreciate the info. Tim

:) Go to Home Depot and by a rubber cap, should cost you about 20cents if that and just stick it over the hole. Don't waste your money on an $25 spacer.

I put a rubber valve cap on mine, fit perfect.......Just stole one off my moms car. :)

and I just took the nut of the cable and glued a piece of plastic inside it to seal it.. :-)

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