Minor YZ/WR maintenece issue (spark plug)

Now that we all own four strokes changing spark plugs is almost a thing of the past. I adjusted my valves the other day and in doing so I removed the spark plug. I noticed that the outside and threads of the spark plug were wet and showing signs of corrosion. I am sure this came from washing the bike, and I dont use a prussure washer. My bike only has about 20 hrs on it so it is fairly new. I guess the easy way to remedy this is to remove the spark plug cap and spray a little WD-40 down the hole to displace the water. This obviously is not a major deal, as long as the corrosion doesnt get to bad and fuse the plug to the head, I just wanted to inform members of my findings.

Yeah, I found the same thing. This is probably why they tell you to start up the engine and let it warm up for several minutes before putting it away. I would not worry too much about the plug corroding to the aluminum head, I have always used the old trick of putting a drop of oil on the spark plug threads before reinstalling the plug.

See ya

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