DSP carbon fiber air box

Hello anyone who has this?. I just got one off of ebay. Is the airbox all one piece or is there more pieces to it?. The pic i bought it from looked like it was missing the part that goes into the carb. What can you all tell me about these and what they can do for your bike.

Thank you :)

I should be all one piece. Use the part off the stock airbox to connect the two. The biggest benefit would have to be the reduction in weight. I have also heard that they improve airflow. I went to the FMF Sratch and Dent Sale and they were selling them for $70. Wish I had some cash, I could have made a killing on EBay.

there was a model that was just the box and you bolt your oem carb to airbox boot to it and also a model that had the carbon fiber airboot as well.

I have one. The piece you are missing is the "Velocity Stack".

The only thing you gained/lost, IMHO is weight. The velocity stack is the key. It provides better air flow at higher rpm's (and hence higher air speeds).

Stick in a JamesNow/Powernow and you should be all set.

MXA/DirtRider did a test of all these goodies for a YZ426. The article stated a loss of bottom end but an increase in top end.

>> Stick in a JamesNow/Powernow and you should be all set.

As a caveat, the carbon fibre is known to let dirt through, and jetting changes are more of a b*tch. You have to remove the subframe to get the carb off. NOTE: I do have the velocity stack, so you may not have an issue w/ carb access like I do.

Also, you MUST remove your OEM frame mounted hot start bypass. The box size requires that teeny, tiny bit of extra room. You have to find another place for it.

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