ISDE on OLN tonight!

I saw this over on the 250F side and I had to spread the news in case some of you guys dont go over there.

The ISDE (International Six Day Enduro) will be OLN (Outdoor Life Network) tonight Thur April 17 at 900 PM central :)

Very Cool!! Thanks for the heads up Darin :)

Thanks Milkman. I am going to watch it before I leave for my weekend trip first thing in the morning. I am going to hit the 1000 mile mark on the WR450 this weekend! :)

Yeah cool, maybe my roomate will get a little air time. He heard of it this morning and he's stoked....


Dodger :D :D

Sweet! I missed about half of it, but from what I saw, they did a pretty good job of covering it. :)

Very very good coverage :)!

Dodger :D :D :D

Great coverage. They actually made you feel like you were there. It was a lot better than the Gas Gas National video's. You could here the bikes see them ride cool stuff. I am ready for an enduro now! 1200 miles in six days. I figure I could hang ok the first day. The second day I would be dragging butt. The third day, well I mught finish the second day! Thase guys have heart! :)---Mike

I missed it :) Oh well they are showing it again May 15 From 10 to 11 PM. Mark your calendar.

Very Cool!!! I take it Ron's your roomie Dodger?

My congratulations to Ron he represented us very well as a nation a state and a demographic.


Thanks for the warning Darin! GF and I watched it, and I have utmost respect for those who attempt that feat, and more for those who finish.

Fred Hoess blowing out his head gasket on day 1, and that Husky 125 pumps hard to the end! Pretty impressive stuff!

Dodger, was that your roomie I saw getting pulled over by Johnny Law? (If I remember correctly, it would have been a fine looking Mrs. Johnna Law :) )

That sure would be fun to try....

I posted feedback at their site just to let them know how much I appreciated the coverage and what an excellent job they did covering it. I recommend everyone that watched and it enjoyed it give them positive feeback as well.

I recorded it so I can watch it again tonight! :)

Naw, my roomate is Eric Croy. They showed a little bit of him talking to Ron on day four, that was it. He was very impressed with the coverage too though.

It was cool though, I got a neritive of everything these guys were riding from someone who rode it as we watched....."awwh man, that rut was so f'n gnarly"..."I ended up sliding down those steps on my a$$ with my bike on top of me".......kind of gave me a sence of the experience.

Those guys are hard core.........

Dodger :D:)

Just gave them some positive feeback.

These people need to know this is what the public wants to see! Comon guys, it dosent have to be a long e-mail just say "It was great, and thanks for showing it!" :)


Ive already got a response back from OLN! :) They seemed to really appreciate my input.

Heres the message I got back....

Thanks for the email, Darin. We are glad you enjoyed the coverage and

appreciate you letting us know. I will pass this along to our Program

Director, as well, for him to see.

George Smirnoff

Outdoor Life Network :D :D


The OLN coverage was the best I've seen on tv. If you want more coverage of this years or earlier ISDEs, a rider named Marshall Rose shoots all six days and ends up with 16-18 hours worth and his narration can be quite entertaining at times his website is


You know what? Mr. Smirnoff responded to my comment as well. Wouldn't it be sweet if every TT'er sent him something, ans we melted down his server? :)

Let's let them know that WE WANT MORE!

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