Exhaust System for sale

I'v decided to part with my White Brothers e-series CARBON FIBER promeg and TITANTIUM tapered header exhaust system. The complete system includes the following:

This system is for YZ mounting.

1) E-series Promeg tail section

2) 18 disks

3) longer and shorter mounting screws

4) Exhaust deflector, keeps exhaust off the fender

5) Titantium tapered header

Complete system and all extra parts for $300 the system is in excellent condition and has no dings or dents. This system is an excellent performer from top to bottom but is too loud for my dual sport intentions.

Any intrest e-mail or call me


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Im interested in the exhaust, e-mail me at Whity125@cs.com. thank you

I'm in Clark. I just sent you an e-mail. I can't find your phone number anywhere though.


[This message has been edited by Bryan (edited 06-19-2000).]

Got three of em?

C'mon Clark, cut me a deal on that FMF PB/IV-2! :)


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.


For clarification: WE'LL be having a KICK ASS time in Moab!! Right Mitchy & Bill?!!


I just sent you another e-mail.


Bryan our adminstrator purchased the system and will be receiving it soon.


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