how do I get my 660 raptor into reverse?


I just picked up a 2003 660 raptor, and I can't find reverse. The tabs on the reverse switch appear to be broken. Is there a way I can find reverse with the switch broken like this? I want to check to see if I need to just replace the switch, or if my problem is bigger than just that.

I don't use mine much, but if I recall; put in neutral, pull the clucth in, turn knob clockwise, shift down. :bonk: Like I said, it's been a while, hope this helps. :bonk:

I believe it is: pull in clutch, put in first gear, turn knob clockwise, click shifter down once more for reverse. when you want out of reverse, just pull clutch and click up once. you will be in first. Isn't the knob just attached to a cable? if the knob is broken, you should be able to replace it, but it will be the whole mechanism that bolts to the front fender.

yes, you are correct. that's all it'l be. it'l pay to replace the whole reverse knob mechanism. good luck!

Yea, they got the right way....

>>If your knob is broken and u still want to use reverse to make sure it is ok, there is a metal lever coming out underneath the crank case, right in front of the left foot peg. If you push that lever foward with the clutch puled in in first gear you should be able the shift down into reverse..

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