Oil Change leading to not starting?


Hey guy, my buddy has an 03 raptor 660, he changed the oil in the quad back in the fall and it has not started since. The quad will turn over so it is not a problem with the electic start (i'm assuming) and according to him the quad has spark. I told him to replace the spark plug anyway which he plans on doing, does anyone else have any ideas? thanks.

Did you try turning the fuel petcock to 'prime'?

Did you try turning the fuel petcock to 'prime'?

I talked to him today and appearently he was able to pop start it, once it started and ran for a while, the electronic egnition worked. I'm thinking maybe the battery in it was just to weak to start it without it running first?

Did he perhaps not use the right oil in it and that is causing the starter clutch to slip? If the starter clutch is slipping, it could be turning the engine over but not fast enough for it to start. :bonk:

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