Backfire screen

Has anyone had the stones to cut out the backfire screen yet ??? :):D

i haven't yet. i was planning on doing when i got the time. i did it on my DR435 w/o problems.

You won't notice any difference.

I know people who have tried on many different bikes and there is no noticable improvement.

Not completely posisitve but I think the YZ250 2-stroke part is the same without a screen. I have a 2000 YZ sitting next to my 426, I will check this weekend and post back here.

I cut mine out of my Xr600 with no problems. On some bikes, like my big XR, they choke the bike a bit, on others, they have no effect. I guess you might have a problem if you wash your filter in gasoline and it's not fully dry when you start the bike and it backfires. If this were to happen, you are probably better off without a bike anyway. :)

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