426 riders need your feedback

ok the search is almost over i think, I have found 2 new 2002 wr 426's i have never rode one i just sold my yz 250 and wanted a thumper i had a deal fall thru on a 03 wr450 was quoted a price and then they wouldnt honor it ....imagine that a dishonest bike dealer, any who i need to know the pros and cons of the 426 especially concerned about the starting, since i have had 2 strokes and they are real easy to start. I appreciate all your feedback good and bad........ :):D

The 426 is a great bike... a bit bigger than a 450, but it has all the bugs ironed out of it... Plenty of info on the 426, and man, this is your lucky day, because if your only concern is the starting, you live in the right place... YamaBen, a TT member, is also the originator of the 450 cam swap... and guess what, he is in SI... have a look at the posts here and in the YZ forum... download the PDF, and then give Ben a call or drop in... Yamaha of SI... www.yamahofsi.com they are the good guys and they will get you sorted out...

Welcome to TT, and I know you will enjoy that 426... I enjoy mine...




The mods to the 426 were simple and straightforward, even the YZ timing wasn’t so bad.

Initially the mods for mine were: Throttle stop, BK mod, YZ tank/seat, YZ rear fender, Gray wire, Blue wire, YZ header, YZ muffler, YZ timing, and Taffy Jetting.

Then came the plug fouling…that sucks! After trying everything possible, I ended up using a fuel conditioner called Fuel On and haven’t fouled a plug since. In fact, after sitting all winter (5 months) ON LAST YEARS FUEL the bike still started!

Later on, additional mods were: Mike Dean’s Coil on Plug, Twin Air Filter System, carbon fiber airbox, and aluminum subframe.

The starting drill is at first intimidating but after a while becomes second nature and is really easy.

I lowered the forks about 10mm and it improved my cornering.

My jetting is excellent! Taffy really knows his stuff. His jetting is in my signature. My elevation is 900’.

I could use a bigger starter jet someday, but twisting the throttle a few times before starting works well.

Good luck in your decision. :)

Problems with an 02' WR426? I must be lucky because I have none. I have clocked hundreds of miles of trails and ridden many laps on Motocross and Supercross tracks (including all the big jumps), my WR426 is GREAT!!

It does not weigh more than the new WR 450, it is lighter by five pounds. :)

I say get it..................db


There is a procedure for starting that you must follow. If followed they start great. My 00 WR400 and 02 WR426 both start first or second kick, hot, cold, crashed.

My girlfriend has a 00 YZ250 2-stoke and I have an 02 W(YZ)R 426. We both like each others bikes as much as our own. The 250 is light nimble and quick, usual characteristics of a 2-stroke. The major difference in quickness is due to the MX vs. WR transmissions, WR pulls hard all the way into 5th and I come flying by after she has topped out. Weight is very noticable between the two which equates to a different riding styles for each but nothing one doesn't get used to. Starting the 426 was only a problem for the first 2-3 times, after that its a routine that becomes burned into your nervous system. Truth be told I find the 250 harder to start. I love having the ability to compare the two side by side, in many ways they are equal but yet completely different. In the end the 426 is only better due to the simple fact that I am biased, its mine :) The 426 is a great bike, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Don't worry about starting the 426. All you have to do is follow the procedure of slowly turning over the engine with the kick start until you reach the top of the compression stroke (you will know it when you hit it). Then squeeze the manuel decrompression lever and rotate the engine past the compression point. Then release the lever and kick once and it will start first kick most times.

If you are used to a two-stroke, you will need to place your right hand on the handlebar so you don't open the throttle out of habit. Opening the throttle may flood the bike and it doesn't start with an opened throttle. My 426 is the best cold-starting bike I have ever owned, which has included many two strokers. No problems here with warm or hot starts either.

Go for the 2002 426 before they are gone and don't look back! You won't regret it.

The starting drill is pretty easy to master. It should be a concern to you only if you are always in a hurry to restart the bike. But then, there is the 450 cam mod. :)

The bike is mean stock. You have tons of info in TT to improve the bike, at low cost. I think this machine is one of the best all around. No major bugs, lot of power, reliable, and there's a lot of after market goodies for it.

Unless you are heavy (+225), and race really hard, the stock suspension should be able to do a good job once ajusted.

Be happy go blue :D

You can't go wrong, you will love this bike.

oh for heavens sake stop it !!!! I want one now too :)

well thanks alot guys you have been really helpfull I am supposed to pick up my new 02 wr426 a week from today i am allready getting some of the mods done to it before i pick it up. now i just need to decide what else i need to put on it, getting the grey wire done and the 450 cam and a couple of other things.........once again thanks to all that responded to my post you have been great ....... steve :):D

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