'99 YZ400 For Sale $3300 (SE Ohio)

Call Hugh Graham 740-446-8142.

Put your bike on motocross.com (free classifieds) I sold my CR 250 there in about 45 minutes. By the way, $3300 seems to cheap for a '99 400. Is it beat?

Originally posted by wilson:

Call Hugh Graham 740-446-8142.

Where at on SE Ohio? I would like to hear more!

It's not my bike, just saw it in Traderonline.com and called the guy who owned it. He was asking $3500, said he would take $3300. He said it needed graphics, front brake lever and maybe a front fender. You'll need to call him for more details. Just thought someone on this forum might be looking for a bike at a good price...

sounds like it was endo'd HARD!

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