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Desert Tortoise Information

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ThumperTalkers, I recently brought to your attention a report published by the California Wildernes Organization. We were all outraged by the lies and half truths published in that report. This calls for a response report from us. Has anyone heard, is the AMA or Blueribbon Coalition preparing a counter report to rebuke that phoney piece of craptrap the greenies published. I am a busy guy, but I think a formal response is in order. We need a report of our own to set a few things straight. Plus knowledge is a powerful weapon against oppression. I did just 15 minutes research on the Desert Tortoise and gleaned the following information. I will summarize just a little and let you read the rest for yourselves.

* By late October the Desert Tortoise begins hibernation and does not become active again until late March or April.

*It needs a suitable burrow or enclosure where it is safe from rodents and other preditors. It must also be protected from excessive rainfall and flooding.

*If the tortoise is not healthy or is injured when hibernation begins it probably will not survive the winter.

*Tortoises are susceptible to respiratory ailments, such as the Upper Respitatory Tract Disease that has DECIMATED the wild population in California and Nevada. Sick or wounded tortoises must be moved inside away from flies. Worms and other parasites are sometimes a problem in the desert tortoise.(addtional reading on this will show that the URTD that the tortoises suffer from is caused by bacteria or virus not from the presense of off-road vehicles). I am trying not to put too much commentary in this. Sorry! Anyway, I will let you read the rest for yourselves. Just one last point. The Desert Tortoise does better in captivity than in the wild. Should we commission a report of our own or do you think this is a bad idea? I personally don't think it would be too hard to shred the greenie report to greenpieces. :)www.tortoise.org

We should be repectful of the Desert Tortoise and its habitat. Please don't think that I feel otherwise. But, I firmly believe that a fair balance of resource utilization can be achieved. Whether we like it or not we need to get into the game. P.

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[This message has been edited by pmaust (edited 03-31-2001).]

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