new 450 wr

I just picked up a new 450 WR Ive heard alot of different things you can do and change on the bike. Anybody got some ideas ?

I am new to this board and the WR too. All that I can offer you is this and I don't mean to be a smart a$$.

You need to read through the past posts on this message board. There is so much great information here that it will be hard for someone to just lay it all out in one post. Also, there are a lot of differing opinions on what works best. If you come up with a specific question on something, feel free to ask it.

You should start with searches on the following topics:

Woodruff key

Jetting/Carb Mods

Grey Wire

Exhaust and Airbox baffles

Powernow / Jamesnow

GB Mod or BK Mod

exhaust inserts

That should get you started. BTW, a lot of these mods are the of the cheap variety and they will help you get your bike running the way that it should. Then you can start to look at all of the extra goodies (Steering Dampner, Various Guards and so on.

I hope that this helps and good luck.


Damned good link... I'm picking my new WR up tomorrow. Thanks, Dirtstiff :)

Thanks Allen I am new here too. I want to get dialed in for my Moab ride next month on my new WR450. Ive been looking at jetting with the PMB insert , picking one up due to CA laws, and noticed youre one of the few folks using a 50PJ most use a 48 also Yamaha told me the main jet setting should be fine stock but i doubt it. Have you tried leaner settings than a 160?

I have tried several different jetting combinations and this is what I got so far...

I first started with a 48 pilot and a 155 main. It ran pretty good but there was still some popping on decel. It burbled off idle and went flat on the top, and was hard to start when cold. I changed to a 158 main but it was still flat on top and had some popping. Went to a 50 pilot and fuel screw out about 2 turns. The burble went away, no popping and it starts every time, but was still flat on the top end. I then went to a 160 main. WOW... this thing has some serious top end now. For riding over 3000ft. I would go back to a 158 main but for 0-3000 the 160 works good.


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