Gas Hauling Question

I am going on a long ride this weekend (80 miles) and some of the guys going with me only have 2.6 gallon tanks. My bike has a 3.2 gallon tank. Last year when we did this trip, the guys that had the 2.6 gallon tanks did not finish the trip because they ran out of gas. So this time we are going to take some extra gas with us. Are plan is to take some 20oz. bottles and fill them up and duct tape them to the front fender. Does anyone see a problem with this, or does anyone have any suggestions? We were also debating on filling them up so there was no air in the bottle. Because if you leave air in the bottle the gas will move around and expand more.


My son used to have a KX80 and we would bungie a 1 gallon gas tank to the rear fender. Put a piece of rubber between the tank and fender to keep it from slipping, worked great, never had a problem. You need to place the tank with the breather hole to the rear of the bike. If forward your pants will eventually pop it open and make a mess.

Lots of 2-stroke guys in my racing association do the gas in a gatoraid bottle to the front fender trick on longer races without problem.

Dennis Kirk has a Maier Enduro Jug (1&2 qt) that can strap to your handlebars.

Has anybody tried these?

I tried the Maier Enduro jug. It leaked gas all over the place. I think that it isn't made for gas.


I don't like to carry gas on the bike. I always carry gas in a antifreeze jug and put it in my back pack. I have a good Spy backpack with confy straps, so the extra weight isn't a factor. Just empty out the jug as soon as there is enough room in your gas tank. The antifreeze jugs seem to seal pretty good, and they're thin so they will stay closer to your body. Of course if you wreck theres a chance of the jug busting and getting gas all over you. It's never happened to me, but its possible.

The problem I have with putting gas onto the bike somewhere is that the bike takes a lot more abuse on the rough trails than the rider. The riders body is pretty still as the bike bounces up and down under you. I have lost just about everything I've ever tried to tie or duct tape to the bike.

The pros and cons of hauling gas,like the posts say if it`s on the bike it may work loose and spill/fall of,if it`s in a back pack it wont get such a hard time but if you have a fall with gas in your back pack you could be in big trouble!,which ever one you choose make sure you take a small fire extinguisher with you,it may save rider or bike! :)

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