WR 450 problems in Holland

Yes, now in Holland we do have a problem with the WR450!!

I don't know what the problem is, the dealer will call Yamaha Netherland today to hear about this!! Is there anywone from Netherland in this forum who possebly knows what this problem is?? Only thing I know is that ALL the bike's been held, nothing is going out !!!!!! :D:D :D :D:)

The dealer cald today and also the euro bikes have the problem with the Woodruff key!!!!!. Yamaha Netherlands are repleasing the key before they deliver them to the custumor, thats a good thing!!! ( I hope ) :)

Hi Huho,

As i mailed you in dutch Yamaha indeed cleams it is simply the woodruffkey. Like i told you i think the key is there for possitioning functions and not to add any strength to the taperfit. Í'm sure there aro some TT experts that will backup this theory.

Sad to say i think Yamaha is trying to keep us from knowing the truth and are trying to find a cheep fixs.

The service paper wasn't supposed to reach the public as wel. Sad the way Yamaha takes care of us buyers :0( :)

Sorry guys but I think Yamaha is doing a good job on this problem, they have recalled all the WR's for a free fix and to me its the same fix I would have tried first, if it does'nt work they are committed now so I'am sure they will do whats nessary. Look at the Honda CRF 450's with the valve problems their having and Honda is not doing anything for those guys. At least Yamaha is trying.

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