Broken 4th Gear....

I broke 4th gear on my 426 about a month ago. After bitching to Yamaha for hours, they concluded that I was SOL and they weren't going to do anything for me. Since the bike was two months out of it's 30d warr. and I modified the motor with a Hinson, and I had it disassembled by a race shop instead of an authorized dealer, they said take a hike. Well, I'm still waiting on my parts and I'm selling the bike as soon as it's back together. If you guys are failing 3rd gear, well I sure as hell won't ride this thing again. Screw Yamaha. I raced Hondas for 7 years and never had a problem. Yamaha won't admit they are having failures. Well, let me verify it. YES, clutch baskets are failing and gearboxes are failing. Get a clue Corporate and take some responsibility for your cheap ass materials.

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