What wrench do you use for steering stem ring nut?

What do you use and where can I get one? I'd like to have the Yamaha one or one like since you can put a torque wrench on it, but the dealership I checked with doesn't have any tools.

I tried to find one also, but couldn't. I just used a pipe wrench. If you are not installing new bearings you do not need to torque the nut then loosen it back off like the book says. Just tighten it until it feels tight. I think its only supposed to be about thirty pounds anyways.



Your dealer should be able to order the tool with the part number that should be available in your owner/service manual. That is how I got mine.



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Its avail through yur Yamaha dealer.

Part number YM-33975 or 90890-01403.

Tighten to 38 NM (3.8m/kg) (27 ft/lb)

Loosen one turn then retighten to 7NM (0.7m/kg) (5.1 ft/lb)

This is to seat the bearing square (1st time isn't that important) and the 2nd is to tension it.

Is should be not much more than finger tight, and when you front wheel is off the ground and straight, a little tap on the end of the handlebar should make it turn to the stop or just before stops)



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Thanks fellas,

I found an old Kawasaki wrench that works ok. It just has a handle on it though so I can't get a torque wrench on it. Maybe by the next time I need one, I'll get the Yamaha wrench ordered.

I use a winged wrench that I bought at a bicycle shop. It works great. Check out the tools section at a good local bike shop and you should find one.


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