Need advice on new bars

First crash on new wr450. Bent bars.

What bars would you reccomend to go onto the stock clamp for someone 6'2" ? Do you want more or less rise and sweep if your a larger person than the standard dirt biker?

I just want the quickest ,cheapest fix right now till I decide later on stabilizers, new clamps and fat bars.

I have always went with FLY bars as replacements. They are stronger than stock but much cheaper than Renthals, etc. You can go through 4 sets of Fly's for the price of one Renthal. Not sure on the size issue. I am only 5'9" so standard bars work fine for me.

If you stand alot when you ride, I'd say go with an oversize bar like pro-tapers, fatbars, etc and an adapter clamp. The clamp will raise the bars a 3/4 of an inch or so, plus if you like you can get a high bar bend and raise things up a bit higher. I'm 6'0 and this combination is much easier on my lower back than the stock setup was after a long day of riding.

But in truth it comes down to what you are willing to spend. If you opt for protapers and the adapters, you're looking to spend about $160 or so retail. (check with as Jeff will likely be able to save you a buck or two from retail)

EDIT: so then I read your post again and realized I in no way answered your question. FLY's are a nice bar, and very reasonably priced. IMO the renthals are nice as well, but as pointed out they are a bit pricier. I like a high bar for the reasons above, but if you sit alot when you ride a high bar may lead to arm/shoulder fatigue. I settled on what i'm using by sitting on a few used bikes at the dealer with different bar setups on them. For me higher seems better :)



I'm 5'11", I stand ALOT, I ride a mountain bike alot, so I like high flat bars. I've used renthal cr-hi (722) bend bars for about 13 years now and I haven't found any brand that is more comfortable to me. The cr highs are taller from the clamping surface to the top bend. Some bars just have the ends higher and if you set your grips flat, they sweep back. I put my bars almost staight up (it even looks strange to me), and my bars feel like my mountain bike. This gives me plenty of room, and almost forces me to stand. If you want, I can Email you a pic with them on. :)

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