Ready to answer some questions on Sat? valve clear

I'm going to do my first valve clearance job tomorrow. I checked them a bit back and they were tight so I'm gonna dig in tomorrow and see what I can't screw up.

So just a heads up for everyone to be sitting at their computers between 8am and 6pm on 4/19. I would really appreciate it. :D

I'm a bit nervous! :)

1) Run down to Pep Boys and buy a small telscoping magnet. Then you can drop the chain into the motor, no worries, and snatch up the cam bearing circlips when you take off the caps. It also works well to take the buckets out of the head.

2) You don't have to take the radiators off like it says in the manual.

I just fish all the loose parts out by removing the stator cover...


It is an easy process, even I did it without problems. Like Hick said get a telescopic magnet, this is a must. Go to

Print the section on Exhaust Cam Timing. Put in on your work bench and follow it through. I felt this site had a better explanation than the manual. Draw a diagram of the valves, record the clearances before you remove anything. When you remove the cams, place the cups and shimms on a paper towel in the same position you removed them from. This is the critical part, make sure nothing gets mixed up. Go slow, and make sure you draw that diagram.

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